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Watch Repair


Watch Repair

Watch Repair is the perfect way to not only advertise your service and repair business, but also to communicate to your clients the detail and sophistication that goes into servicing a timepiece.

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Why Watch repair?

The video tells the story of a worn down wristwatch that is returned to pristine condition at the hands of a master watchmaker. It highlights both the importance of getting a timepiece serviced, as well as the technology and craftsmanship that it takes to properly service a luxury watch. 

How it works

1. Select one of the 3 watch models available. 

2.  Tell us the runtime for your spots. We can cut the Watch Repair video between 15 and 60 seconds. 

3. 3rd Strand's production services are included with membership. We'll collaborate with you on a custom voiceover and music selection. 


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How to use it:

1. TV - Watch Repair is perfectly suited for traditional television advertising.  

2. Pre-roll - Looking for pre-roll? Look no further. We have 15 second edits on demand. 

3. Web/Social Media - Show off the precision and artistry of your watchmakers by using Watch Repair on your website and social media accounts. 



Submariner - 60 Seconds

Baume - 30 Second (Battery)

TAG - 30 Second