Watches Well Styled


Watches Well Styled

Watches Well Styled is a library of still images and video content designed to advertise your vintage and pre-owned watch business. 


Why Watches Well Styled?

Most buyers of fine timepieces are not pilots, auto racers, scuba divers, or polo players. While heritage offers a powerful narrative, consumers base their initial interest on the purely visual appeal of a timepiece. It’s that instant recognition when you see a watch on someone’s wrist and think: “Wow, that watch looks great!” With Watches Well Styled, 3rd Strand brings great watches to life with phenomenal styling.

An exciting collaboration with luxury menswear brand Articles of Style, we used a magazine editorial approach to capture a collection of sartorially exquisite looks built around a wide selection of pre-owned and luxury vintage timepieces. From the sporty to the artistic, from the dashing to the understated, we show different characters wearing great timepieces in their own unique way. 

How it works

1. The library content is fully customizable. Mix and match the scenes and images to create stunning social media and advertising content. 

2.  The library will be updated periodically. Prior to a shoot, send us your pre-owned and vintage timepieces to be included in the scenes. 

3. Included with membership are our production services. This includes tagging, trafficking, and collaboration on music and a custom voiceover. 



How to use it:

1. TV - The impeccable style of the library is sure to impress as a TV advertisement.   

2. Pre-Roll - The library was specifically created with short digital advertising in mind. 

3. Web - Use WWS as a banner or thumbnails on your website. 

4. Social Media - Take advantage of the massive library and always have high quality images and videos to post to your accounts. 

5. Out-of-Home/Print - WWS is perfect material for billboards, digital signage, and print. 


Samples of the Library