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Stop Searching Campaign


The Stop Searching Campaign

Subscriptions to the Stop Searching Campaign are finally available for purchase. A fresh and humorous take on the hurdles of buying an engagement ring, we take aim at all the bad advice that engagement ring shoppers can face.  Scroll down to see the spots for yourself. 


Why Stop searching?

Buying an engagement ring is overwhelming. The options are endless, the stakes are high, and most people are just trying to avoid getting ripped off. That's why engagement ring shoppers need someone they can trust. Someone to help them tune out the bad information coming from family, friends, online retailers, and shady sales people.

The Stop Searching Campaign tells engagement ring shoppers that your store is the expert who will simplify the process so they can stop their search and start their lives.

This quirky campaign is specifically designed to maximize engagement. It is not simply advertising, it is entertainment. We applied the lessons learned from our Fink's campaign - which had a clickthrough rate of roughly 10 times the national average and drove a 181% increase in unique visitors to finks.com - to create a bigger, bolder project. 

How it works

1. You will receive a total of 18 individual spots that you can use across all platforms. The spots are designed to be run as a series. This maximizes engagement, as audiences are inclined to pay better attention whenever they see a new installment. 

2.  We will fly out and spend a day filming in your store to create a beautiful custom ending. The ending will not only show off your store, but also reinforce the theme that your store is the place to begin the search. 

3. We guarantee exclusivity in your market. 



How to use it:

1. TV - The Stop Searching 30 second edits are perfect for TV advertising. 

2. Pre-Roll - Looking for pre-roll? Look no further. Our 15 second edits are specifically created to pile up click-throughs.  

3. Web - Use Stop Searching as a banner or as thumbnails on your website. 

4. Social Media - Take advantage of the size of the library and have a series of hilarious videos to post to your accounts. 


It Was The 70's




Bling Genie




Just Kidding


Her Style


Behind Your Back




Picked It Myself


More Money Than You


Bulk Buy


Here It Is!


Not Bigger


How Are You Going To Do It?

You Got This! 


Don't Screw Up

Do You Love Her?