About 'For Me, From Me' Campaign

DPA For Me, From Me Jeweler Customization


As self-purchase for diamond jewelry continues to grow in the U.S., Diamond Producers Association is offering a unique asset customization opportunity to select jewelers in conjunction with their newly launched campaign, For Me, From Me. The customization package allows diamond jewelry retailers to have their own self-purchase advertising campaign assets for TV, cinema, Facebook, Instagram, or any video-based media.

The offered package consists of four commercial spots, each one focusing on your jewelry store for 50% of the spot and featuring your store’s branded materials. The packages will be delivered in mid-April, just as the majority of the media support for the For Me, From Me campaign begins to roll out. Participating jewelers must sign up in advance and send in their branded materials by March 22nd.

The videos below represent sample storyboards of the For Me, From Me jeweler-customized spots. The spots begin with the current nationally syndicated creative and introduce your jewelry brand after 10 seconds. In the videos below, you will see placeholder images for shots that are being produced later in March.




Window Shopping


For jewelers who would like to run the For Me, From Me  commercial spots without the customization package, a free tagged spot can also be ordered here. Below are samples of the basic tagged spots. If you would like to add a voice tag to a spot, that option is available on the following order form.

Basic Logo Tagged Spots


15sec Market Spot

15sec Cafe Spot

30sec Anthem Spot

15sec Window Shopping Spot

15sec Grandmother Spot