Big Love


The Big Love Library

The Big Love Library is an exclusive library that gives members year round access to elegant and evocative advertising content. With 3rd Strand's production services included, the Big Love Library will take care of all of your advertising needs for at least 2 years.  


Why Big Love?

The Big Love Library is the perfect way to solve for all of your advertising needs. Your subscription grants you access to an abundance of content that can be used across every platform and for every occasion. 

On top of the content, you will also receive our on-demand production services - let us know whenever you need a new spot and we'll create it. We will also film your branded boxes and create a custom voice-over and end-tag to ensure that every spot we deliver is personalized to your store. 

How it works

1. The Big Love Library is comprised of 15 scenes and hundreds of still images that are made to be mixed and matched like ingredients to a recipe. Whether it is a holiday, an in-store event, or anything else you want to advertise, let us know and we'll collaborate with you to deliver the perfect spot. 

2.  We guarantee exclusivity in your market. 

3. You get access to the footage and our services for 2 years. 



How to use it:

1. TV - Big Love works great as 30 seconds spots, perfect for TV advertising. 

2. Pre-Roll - Looking for pre-roll? Look no further. We have 15 second edits on demand. 

3. Web - Use Big Love as a banner or as thumbnails on your website. 

4. Social Media - Take advantage of the massive library and always have high quality images and videos to post to your accounts. 

5. Out-of-Home/Print - Big Love is perfect material for billboards, digital signage, and print campaigns. 

6. Co-Op - The quality of Big Love opens doors with brands and allows you to maximize your media budget by using the content in manufacturer sponsored co-op programs.

Intimacy Scene

Retailer Box Wrapping


Twilight on the Prarie


Engagement Moment - Couple 1


Father Daughter Graduation


Christmas Eve


First Touch


Wedding Reception


Newborn Baby


Engagement Moment - Couple 2


Date Night


Cozy Morning


Mother's Day


Wedding Car