Introducing the 3rd Strand Video Library


Moments are the emotional backbone of the jewelry industry. In every facet of our productions, we work hard to create moments that are authentic, moving, familiar, and connective. 3rd Strand commercials offer welcome, smile-inducing relief from the noisy world of TV advertising. 

The scenes from our regional commercial campaigns are designed to be modular, solving for a variety of year-round advertising agendas. For almost every season and sentiment 3rd Strand has captured a moment that will capture an audience. 

With a subscription to the 3rd Strand library, retailers get 24 months of usage on both finished TV spots as well as the raw footage we used to create those spots. We can add your brand to one of our existing commercial campaigns or build an entirely new campaign with images from the library. While 3rd Strand does charge extra for any production work, the footage itself is entirely paid for as part of your subscription. You can use the footage as much as you want over the course of your 24 month license.  

Price of 24 month subscription: $18,000

Footage and commercials in branded campaigns (i.e Forevermark, Baume & Mercier, Penny Preville) are not included in the library.  

To begin your membership and make your first commercial, email us at 

Sample Films from the 3rd Strand Video Library