Introducing Icons of Design

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Meet the world’s most notable jewelry artists.

The Icons of Design project is an ongoing original 3rd Strand video series that explores the art of jewelry design with some of the worlds most notable designers of fine jewelry. In intimate interviews, we take you into the creative process of legends like Stephen Webster and Penny Preville, as well as introduce you to the work of hot new talents like Anne Sportun and Jacquie Aiche. 

Unlike nearly any other possession, Jewelry has the extraordinary ability to endure well beyond our lifetime. It carries within it the deepest sentiments and the most inspiring stories. As an art form, the making of fine jewelry requires a mastery of many disciplines, both ancient and modern. It’s a celebration of both natural beauty and man’s ability to realize new possibilities for that beauty. By definition, fine jewelry is unique—an individual expression made for another individual. Icons of Design introduces you to the extraordinary men and women behind this most enigmatic art form.