Tell your story in 360

3rd Row Media works to create innovative, data driven solutions that put you ahead of your competition by focusing on mediums of communication in their ascendency, new mediums that allow for a more targeted and specific reach. We want our clients to have the sort of reach and prestige in advertising that their showrooms and public images demand.

3rd Row Media introduces the 3rd Row 360 Advertising Platform, a program specifically designed for modern luxury retailers to drive results through evocative creative and targeted reach. Eschewing the old rules, our 360 Advertising Platform uses a comprehensive “360 degree” approach to digital advertising, which includes: 

 Digital and Mobile

Through video pre-roll and digital banners targeted to a tenth of a mile of where your target demographic lives, your ad will seen by your customers while they explore popular websites and digital spaces on their laptops, phones and tablets. As part of 3rd Row’s cinema placements, your ad captures its audience before and after their Cinema going experience while your customers watch movie trailers, reads movie reviews, buy tickets, and explore the top entertainment-related digital spaces on the web. 

Cinema Advertising (with Regional Premium Placement)

Movie theaters guarantee a captive audience and the highest ad retention rates. With 3rd Row, we bring your ad as as close to the movie start time as possible. “Premium Regional” placement means your ad plays just before the National ads (Apple, BMW, Nike). Your ad will play on every screen during every showing of every movie in the theater during the course of your ad run. 

Lobby Entertainment Network

Cinema goers spend an average of 9 minutes in the lobby before they enter the the actual movie theater showing their movie. The Lobby Entertainment Network runs your ad an average of 4 times every 25 minutes, priming your audience to experience the ad in the theater a few minutes later. This is part of the reason 3rd Row is able to achieve Cinema ad retention rates over 70%. 

To learn more click here to download the PDF about the 360 Advertising Platform.

For more information contact about the campaign please contact 3rd Strand directly via at or by phone at 347.384.2545